Project Description



“Available in sizes 36″ – 120″ front view and see through.”

Our Jumbo Series matches our massive Jumbo burners with our hefty
Jumbo Arizona Weathered Oak Logs. The 1 “tines on the burner are a perfect complement to the 12″ diameter of the Jumbo Arizona Weathered Oak front log.
Big tines and big logs are not all this collection has to offer as massive flames are the final part of this 3 headed beast. Available in sizes 36″ – 120″ front view and see through. Jumbo burners have a depth of 21″ and the Jumbo Slimline burners are 18” deep.


  • Individually Cast Logs

  • Hand Painted

  • Cement Refractory with
    Re-Enforced Steel Fiber

  • Made In USA

Our Products:

The products produced by Grand Canyon Gas Logs craftsman are truly one of a kind. The log process starts with scavenger hunts through the woods searching for that perfect set of logs. Once the perfect logs are discovered the logs are then trimmed to size where our craftsmen begin the casting process. Individual molds are made for each one of the logs and then the raw cast logs are then passed along to our craftsman where the real magic happens. Each log is hand painted to perfection therefore no two logs will ever be identically alike. The story doesn’t end there as you can read, within each one of our logs collections; each of the collections has a unique story of how the logs came to existence. Lastly a great aspect of Grand Canyon Gas Log’s is that all of our logs and burners are 100% made in America. Our U.S made products give our customers the satisfaction that they are buying from a home grown American company.

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