Now Available the New Lopi Endeavor NexGen-Fyre™ Wood Stove

The Endeavor has been our best-selling wood stove over the last 35 years because it combines beauty, form and function with unbeatable performance. While none of that has changed, this stove is now 2020 EPA-Certified and better than ever! Featuring our advanced NexGen-Fyre™ technology, a new ash pan, and larger door & viewing area, the Endeavor NexGen-Fyre™ is sure to continue as a #1 seller for decades to come!

NEXGEN-FYRE™ : NexGen-Fyre™ takes our non-catalytic wood burning technology to the next level! With NexGen-Fyre™, primary and secondary combustion are harnessed to create the
ultimate blended combustion system that produces beautiful, balanced fires with double the BTU range, up to 50% greater heat output, and longer burn times than any other noncatalytic technology on the market! Your customers will be able to see and feel the difference!

The Endeavor NexGen-Fyre™ is among our huge lineup of 2020 EPA-Compliant wood and pellet models that have already passed testing and will be able
to be sold after (and before) May 15, 2020. Give your customers the peace of mind knowing that they are enjoying a clean-burning, efficient and EPA-Certified wood appliance!

NEW DOOR: The most noticeable new feature of the Endeavor NexGen-Fyre™ is the large, elegant door design! The new door handle is sleek, comfortable to hold, and latches securely
into place when closing the door, giving your customers the confidence of knowing the door will not unlatch or open on its own. For a small stove/insert, the fireview on this unit is HUGE! Featuring 165 square inches, the glass viewing area is 43% larger than the previous Endeavor!

CORD WOOD TESTED: The differences between EPA Cord Wood & Crib Wood testing are important to consider. Many other manufacturers use the Crib Wood testing protocol, which
tends to produce great lab results that are not real world measurements and will differ greatly when used in a customer’s home. The Cord Wood testing protocol gives you true real world
measurements of how well the unit will burn on a regular basis. These results can be duplicated in your showroom and a customer’s home. Which one would you rather sell to your customers? WE DARE YOU TO COMPARE!

STANDARD ASH PAN: Roller-bearing ash pan comes standard and glides with ease to provide safe, quick cleanup.

BYPASS DAMPER: Easy to use bypass damper comes standard with the Endeavor NexGenFyre and allows for quick, smoke-free startups and reloads.

GREENSTART™ : Our revolutionary GreenStart™ Igniter is now available with the Endeavor NexGen-Fyre™ freestanding stove model! GreenStart™ will make owning this stove even more enjoyable and easy to use. Your customers will love the convenience of starting their stove in seconds with the push of a button!