Northfield™ Millivolt Cast Iron Gas Stove

The Northfield MV is a full cast iron stove designed to heat your home using both natural convection and radiant heat offering a high efficiency heater for small living spaces. With the Northfield MV you get great heat for less money; that’s more features and benefits than any other moderately priced small gas stove available, making it both a beautiful and economical way to heat your home.

Standard controls on the unit make it easy to operate, or for further convenience you can add a remote control with On/Off and Thermostat functions. A 130 CFM fan is available to deliver convection air to your home more efficiently.

The Northfield MV’s small size makes it perfect for almost any room in the house, so no matter which room you decide on it is sure to add value, beauty and comfort to your home.

Features You’re Going To Love
• Standing Pilot Millivolt system does not require power to operate,
• making this stove a reliable heat source, even during power outages!
• Elegant design with exquisite cast iron construction.
• The Dancing-Fyre™ burner and Classic Log Set are incredibly
• realistic and mimic an actual wood burning fire, right down to the
• flame pattern, highly detailed logs and glowing ember bed.
• This stove features a direct vent system. All combustion
• air is drawn from outside your home, and all combustion
• byproducts are then vented out of your home through the
• coaxial chimney.
• Heavy duty steel (16 & 18 gauge) construction offers years and years
• of dependable heat.
• High-temperature ceramic glass.
• Easy to operate controls

• Maximum BTU Input per Hour 19,000 (NG & LP)
• Minimum BTU Input per Hour 10,000 (NG & LP)
• Heating Capacity* Up to 850 sq. ft.
• Canadian P.4.1Efficiency Up to 72.6% NG
Up to 73.6% LP
• Steady State Efficiency (High) Up to 73% (NG)
Up to 76.57% (LP)
• Weight 130 Lbs (97 Kg)
• Glass Viewing Area 12-1/2” H x 13-3/4” W (172 sq. in.)
*Heating Capacity can be affected by negative pressure in the home and by prevailing atmospheric conditions.
Contact local building or fire officials about restrictions and installation requirements in your area.
• 130 CFM convection fan designed to enhance the transfer of
• heated air throughout the room.
• Wall mounted Basic Remote with ON/OFF and
• thermostat functions.
• Wired Wall Timer with basic on/off function can be set in
• 30 minute increments up to two hours.