Not Your Standard Fireplace – Stay on Top of the Trends With a Customizable Electric Fireplace

Design trends and personal preferences are always changing. While it is easy enough to swap out a rug, purchase new curtains or accent pillows, it can be an expensive proposition to invest in new décor every time inspiration strikes.

That is why it is so important to invest wisely in furniture pieces that can anchor your room as a focal point, yet be versatile enough for the ever-changing design landscape.

While opting for pieces with neutral tones and timeless features is a great place to start, opting for pieces with customizable features can add even more versatility and longevity to your investment. That is what is so great about electric fireplaces – they offer a level of customization that is unmatched amongst other fireplace options.

Is it Furniture or is it a Fireplace? Why not both?

One of the greatest features of an electric fireplace is to flick on the heat whenever it’s needed, but enjoy the ambiance of the flames year-round. With combustion fireplaces you can’t have one without the other, so for at least half the year you are left with a pile of unlit logs as the focal point of your room.

But what if you want something completely different in your space come the summer months?

With some of our new media console designs, you can easily replace the fire feature with the included shelving for additional storage and décor space. Then, when the temperature cools back down, you can insert the fireplace and voila… time to get cosy again!

Looking for one of these design-friendly media console? Take a look at the Ashton, Christian, Duncan, Milo, Paige, Heinrich and Valentina models (shown above).

Customizable Media Beds

Because the flames of an electric fireplace do not produce heat, there is no need to use special high-temperature media to decorate the base of the flame (known as the media bed).That is why almost every Dimplex electric fireplace gives you the ability to customize your fireplace experience using almost any media option, allowing you to change the look and feel of your fireplace any time you want. We would only suggest avoiding anything too fine (like sand) that could makes it’s way inside the unit.

Common media bed mediums include driftwood, river rock, pebbles, glass or crystal-like stones but, if none of these suit your current tastes, you can choose to add your own unique media bed fill. Choose something that highlights your favorite hobby or past time – think fishing lures or knitting needles. Or get the kids involved… we have had customers use Lego and toy cars… the only limit is your imagination!

The Prism,IgniteXL (shown), Multi-Fire and Opti-myst are some of our most innovative fireplaces which also feature a customizable media bed.

Flexible Mantels

We pride ourselves on offering a variety of fireplace designs to meet any homeowners personal style preferences, and want to make adding that fireplace as easy as possible.

This year, we took the simplicity and versatility of electric fireplaces a step further by introducing BuiltRite Mantels – our most flexible design yet.

Now, whether you’re renovating to build in a new fireplace or just doing a refresh and want cabinet-style mantel that sits in front of the wall, BuiltRite gives you both options in one, super-flexible package. Choose from three finishes, add an optional travertine or granite-look surround, and pick the firebox that suits your eye, including our amazing new Revillusion models. BuiltRite Mantels also install quickly and easily, so there’s no better way to turn your fireplace vision into reality.

If you are looking for more information about electric fireplaces or want to purchase one for your home, visit a local showroom carrying Dimplex fireplaces!