Introducing The Greenfield™ Millivolt

The Greenfield™ MV is both a beautiful and economical way to heat your home, combining an elegantly proportioned cast iron design with more features and benefits than any other large value-priced gas stove available!

• If there is a budget concern, the Greenfield™ MV is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a practical large sized cast iron gas stove offered at a lower price point than our deluxe Greenfield™ GSR2 Bay Window (3-Sided Glass) model.
• The Greenfield™ MV is ideal for providing warmth to mid-sized or large homes and living spaces that require less heat. It is also perfect for those who prefer a simple, dependable Standing Pilot Millivolt system that does not require an electrical hookup.

• Standing Pilot Millivolt system does not require electricity to operate, making the Greenfield™ MV a reliable heat source, even during power outages!
• Elegant design with exquisite quality FULL cast iron construction.
• The Dancing-Fyre™ burner and Classic Log Set are incredibly realistic and mimic an actual wood burning fire, right down to the flame pattern, highly detailed logs and glowing ember bed.
• This stove features a direct vent system. All combustion air is drawn from outside your home, and all combustion byproducts are then vented out of your home through a coaxial chimney.
• Heavy duty steel (16 & 18 gauge) construction offers years and years of dependable heat.
• High-temperature ceramic glass.
• Easy to operate controls.
• Designed to provide comforting radiant heat plus Natural Convection, to deliver optimum warmth throughout your customer’s homes

• BTUs/Hour: Low 18,000(NG), 16,000(LP) – High 35,000(NG), 31,000(LP)
• Heating Capacity: Up to 1,750 Square Feet
• 50% Turn Down
• Glass Viewing Area: 13-1/2″ H x 22-1/2″ W (306 Square Inches)
• AFUE: Up to 64.21%(NG), 61.08%(LP)
• Steady State Efficiency (High): Up to 69.98%(NG), 69.55%(LP)
• Canadian P.4.1 Efficiency: Up to 65.71%(NG), 59.26%(LP)
• Weight: 310 Lbs.


• 130 CFM convection fan designed to enhance the transfer of heated air throughout the room. (Requires electricity)
• Wall Mounted GreenSmart® Basic Remote operates on/off power and thermostat.
• Wired Wall Timer with basic on/off function can be set in 30 minute increments up to two hours.